Design~Build~Ride “A Unified Vision”

We believe that in order to successfully develop such specialized recreational facilities there should be a seamless link between these three components.  The advantages of a single company designing it, building it and riding it (or testing it) are integral to its success.   When the D~B~R elements are combined, one company accepts singular responsibility for the entire project, in turn, creating “a unified vision” that will ensure overall project efficiency, quality, creative on-site adjustments, and time and cost-savings to the client.

DBR Benefits:

▪  Time & Cost Savings: When the design and build are performed by the same company, the client will save significant time, money, and administrative headache.  Since the design/build team knows the time and cost that they will incur from past experience, they can make beneficial decisions to produce better budgets, timetables, schedules, etc…

▪  Project Efficiency: When the design and build team overlap, you significantly reduce communication issues, construction lag, change orders, and over extended time schedules. The same team works in unison to ensure an efficiently developed product.

▪  Quality Assurance: Since the development of bike parks and trail systems are a relatively new and specialized service, the only way to truly ensure that a design will be quality-built as the designer intended it to be is for it to be constructed by the designer.


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