About Progressive Trail Design

Progressive Trail Design, LLC (PTD) is a highly skilled Trail Building/Recreational Development Company based in the rugged Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.

PTD is a member of the Professional Trail Builders Association (PTBA) and specializes in developing “progressive recreational facilities”, such as mountain bike parks, city park enhancements, and a wide variety of purpose-built trails (i.e. equine trails, downhill flow trails, interpretive nature trails, etc…).   Though our specialty is mountain bike facilities, we offer a comprehensive list of recreational services.  Satisfied clients include: municipalities, state parks, national forests, residential developers, and private landowners.

With a focus on Design~Build~Ride as a unified vision and our core philosophy, we aim to address the needs of users, land managers, and the distinctive qualities of each piece of land. Whether constructing trails or recreational facilities, our goal is to link users to their natural environment through unique trail experiences.

Each member of our team brings with them a unique skill and perspective to our collective. From the sensitive understanding of land conservation to the complexity of computer design, we leave nothing out.  It is this distinct team dynamic that sets us apart.

Our many years of experience as avid riders, advocates, builders and planners give us intimate insight into creating sustainable trails and recreational facilities that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

We are dedicated to creating unparalleled trail and recreational experiences. Let us help you develop the timeless appeal of trails and a “new vision” for tomorrow’s youth.

~Experience Progressive Trail Design~


3 Responses to “About Progressive Trail Design”

  1. I was wondering about the Halloween Jam. What is the payout for the pro class? Is there any way you can combine all of the expert field into one category to make the racing more interesting?

    • This past year we did 75% payout of entry fees. But next year will be twice as big b/c we are going to be on the AMBCS series and the Missouri Series. We are hoping to get a big cash purse…like $5,000 minimum! I really want to bring more Pro Slopestyle riders in next year. Keep your eyes open.. we are working on some cool event ideas right now. We will unveil our plan soon!

  2. Hey I was wondering if you guys needed any help this summer?

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