Boys and Girls Town Meramec Adventure Ranch

Just finished up at Boys and Girls town in Steelville, MO.  In addition to the single track trail we built last year they now have a DH beginner flow trail and a pump track.  Thanks to Brett and all the great people at Meramec Adventure Ranch for their hospitality and help with this project.  PTD hopes the kids will enjoy railing berms and boosting tables.

This is on private property, but they are open to having the public come out and ride. Please contact Brett Bailey for information.

Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch
1203 Meramec Wilderness Lane
Steelville, MO 65565
(573) 775-5513

Big left hand hip

Berms and rollers through the trees

Step up to a right hand in-sloped landing

Step down to step up

Berm right next to the bluff line

"Celtic Cross" Pump track

Pumptrack. Berms and Rollers everywhere

Pumptrack. Big berm around the tree

Pumptrack. There are transfer lines all over this thing


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