Last work in Berryville

Woody and the PTD team worked for Eastin Outdoors last winter kicking out trail on Pension Mountain outside of Berryville. The last stones (literally) are being put into place to finish the 10 mile shared use (moto, horse, mt. bike, hike) system. The parking lot is being cleared and all 10 miles of trail are open with a grant in the works to fund phase II. Super scenic. The bluff was literally blasted away to make way for these stairs.  Click on link for map.

Pension Mt. As-Built 5-25

This picture best illustrates the blast profile.


Just getting started.

Rob Brock makes a first ascent. Sick stone to work with from Brock Stone

Look. Trail tread wider than the road??????

Finished risers and landing with pea gravel cap


Mr. Mojo Risin'


and Risin'


and risin'


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  1. […] I subscribe to Progressive Trail Design‘s RSS feed on their website. Recently they posted they were nearing completing of their part of the Pension Mountain Trail System. You can read more about it here. […]

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