Devil’s Den Rock Work

Chris Crone, John Bryan, Josh Wheeler and Dave Renko completed a rebuild of these badly damaged stairs at Devil’s Den just a couple weeks ago. 3 Days and 30 risers later, and….viola. Did it all during spring break week with like 3-500 people a day cascading through and around the work site each day, asking the stupidest of questions like…….”Did you guys make all this rock” or “Where did these rocks come from”……Hello? This is after walking through the most rock strewn trail in the freegin’ state………..  Cary on please before you get hurt or hurt my head any more.  This trail has 100,000 plus users a year. We met some of the densest of them! A big part of this project was naturalizing the area which had been scoured by the scurry effect after years of  no discernable line. Very difficult considering this site is right across from a campground and without a doubt most if not all of the wood we placed will be gone after next winter……….But the rocks won’t.



Bottom set of risers

"Lord of the Rocks" . Awesome! Note: we didn't build the rock wall in this picture. It is original CCC work

switchback stairs

riser landings

Top set of risers

For a sense of scale, the rock in the center on the bottom is 9 feet long and 10 inches thick and was 2 feet wide. Nice footer.


~ by progressivetraildesign on April 9, 2010.

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