Pension Mountain Trails in Berryville

Woody came over for two weeks and helped cut the bench on these trails. Bad axe! 4 miles of motorized and 4 miles of non-motorized. Super scenic and super fun. 2-6 foot wide bench cuts depending on where you are. Lots of berms and rolling contours. Fun on a 100 or 150 moto. Mt biking and hiking trail traverses sick axe high bluffs for more than a mile. 4 more miles of motorized planned. Call me if you want to know how to get to them. Renko. 479-422-7654. Trail……………………………………………………

Moss laden creek crossing on single track

"Switchback supreme"

Gettin' it in a corner

sweet single track bluff and tree choke

Cory hits air out of roller in the g-drop section.

Josh and Cory hit the 180 Bowl. Dig Josh's MTB helmet and nikes. Hard Core


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One Response to “Pension Mountain Trails in Berryville”

  1. I rode the trails on the top of the mountain last sunday and noticed the route down the bluff. How many trails are there on the side of the mountain? I created a trail map from my GPS, if you are interested it is pdf and can be accessed from the favorite outings page of my website.

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