Georgina Bike Park Site Visit, Ontario, Canada

We just got back from a long week in the Toronto area doing a site visit for the proposed bike park, meeting with Town of Georgina personal, collaborating with the overall park design team, and doing some site seeing.  It was a very successful week and a positive experience all around.  The design team we are working with are incredible and the Town of Georgina was great to work with and very hospitable.  It felt and looked a lot like home…southern hospitality.

The site for the bike park amenity to this massive outdoor rec. campus is going to work out great!  Though the area is generally rolling farmlands, there is a man-made hill on site that can be utilized to develop an integrated 4 Cross/Slopestyle Course.  Also, there is an incredible little cypress grove at the base of the hill that will be an unreal spot for a Dirt Jump Park and Skills Area with north shore features.  Our hope is to incorporate all the main elements of a bike park into the space given.  However, we may be limited by budget, therefore we must get as much local feedback as possible to determine which elements are the most crucial for this area.

Below is our first rendition of a basic concept plan for the bike park.  Remember, this is all subject to change.  Stay updated and give us feedback through the “Georgina Bike Park Design Forum Page” on right-hand column of this blog.

PTD-Georgina Bike Park Concept


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One Response to “Georgina Bike Park Site Visit, Ontario, Canada”

  1. 3 Responses to “Georgina Bike Park Public Design Forum. (Ontario, Canada)”

    1. Thanks for being part of this. The Greater Toronto area is badly underserved in respect to bike parks, and this will attract riders from all around. Hopefully you will have a “North Shore/freeride” stunt course or section. And I hope Georgina’s success leads to a (finally) built bike park in Toronto. Riders here have been trying to get one built for 7 years, to the point where the frustration led to the build of an illegal one.
    Agris said this on September 11, 2009 at 6:00 pm | Reply (edit)

    2. Nice meeting with you today. Hope that the town of Georgina is really looking at getting this thing happening by next year. It’s close enough to Toronto that it will be a regular stop for us to ride.
    Jim Best said this on September 12, 2009 at 8:14 pm | Reply (edit)

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