Georgina Bike Park Public Design Forum. (Ontario, Canada)

Progressive Trail Design will be designing and hopefully building the new Bike Park amenity to the Georgina Civic Centre Multi-Season Outdoor Recreation Campus,  Town of Georgina, Ontario, CAN.  The Civic Centre will be a massive outdoor recreational facility that will include a rock climbing wall, water park, ice rink, ropes course, the list goes on…. We will be working with the design firm, AECOM, as part of their design team to develop this one-of-a-kind facility.

The purpose of this design forum is to provide a platform for the public, specifically the citizens of Georgina and the surrounding area,  to interact directly with PTD in order to share ideas, desires, needs, concerns, questions, opinions, etc…  The #1 goal of all our parks is to meet the desires of the local riding contingent.  It is ultimately the locals who will be the stewards of this park once we are gone, so it is important that we design/build something that they will have a vested interest in.  This post will be under the “Pages” column on right hand side of Blog for future reference. Thanks  for your participation.  We look forward to it!

Tentative Design Schedule;

  • Sept 9 – Site Visit with Design Team

  • Sept 10-Design Workshop with Design Team
  • Sept 11 – Site Work; determine area, constraints, zones, possibilities, take measurements, etc… Tour local riding spots.  Possibly meet with local club for dinner to discuss Bike Park.
  • Sept 12 – Public meeting on site.  Open invitation to anyone interested in the Bike Park (BMX, MTB, Anyone else).

Georgina Proposed Master Plan


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8 Responses to “Georgina Bike Park Public Design Forum. (Ontario, Canada)”

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  2. Good day. I live in Georgina and I have alot of info that can be usefull for this venture. Eamil me and I can give more info

  3. Thanks for being part of this. The Greater Toronto area is badly underserved in respect to bike parks, and this will attract riders from all around. Hopefully you will have a “North Shore/freeride” stunt course or section. And I hope Georgina’s success leads to a (finally) built bike park in Toronto. Riders here have been trying to get one built for 7 years, to the point where the frustration led to the build of an illegal one.

    • Good to hear from ya. Stay updated, give feedback, and spread the word. Are there many freeriders in the Toronto area that would like to see a Bike Park? Even if it is a 45min drive. I hope that is a dumb question:)
      If it is, do you have any numbers…how many bikers are we talking about, including freestyle BMXers?

  4. Nice meeting with you today. Hope that the town of Georgina is really looking at getting this thing happening by next year. It’s close enough to Toronto that it will be a regular stop for us to ride.

  5. Hey been browsing this site for ages now and decided i should sign up and spread the word!

    I’m ed 🙂

    (please move this if its in the wrong place and bare with me, I’m new!)

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