New Fatty Fest DH Course (Eureka Springs, AR)!

A whistler-inspired, rhythm and flow oriented PTD creation in Arkansas.  I would venture to say that this is one of our best creations yet.  We have scratched the original 1/2mile of fire road for a 1/2mile of super- flowy, stunt-laden singletrack.  This will make the whole trail a solid mile.  I will go ahead and pre-warn you, THIS IS NOT A DH RACE COURSE.  In fact many competitors will probably not like it to race on, but we bet you will keep coming back for more b/c it will test your flow skills, and if you don’t have any, don’t worry, this is your chance to learn.  As for the race; it should be interesting, I think the guy with the best bike-handling skills will take this one…the XC endurance days are over.  Come out and enjoy the fruits of our labor this weekend. Big thanks to the City of Eureka!





Slight right hip off the triangular stone embedded in the ground at the top right into an insloped berm lander.  This will be one of the more advanced features. Pictures really don’t do this justice.



We all ate lunch off this berm.  This is what happens when you get BMXers to build MTB trails…you turn around and they’ve turned chunky hash browns into perfectly smooth skinless whipped potatoes:)


~ by progressivetraildesign on July 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “New Fatty Fest DH Course (Eureka Springs, AR)!”

  1. Looks awesome guys! I can’t wait.

  2. The trail was awesome guys! One of the best trails I have ridden. I hope woody is alright. Please keep us posted on how he is doing!

  3. The course looked great. Give us an update on how Woody is doing

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