Justin P. Brindley Mountain Bike Trail, Sugar Land, TX

The PTD team has just completed another unique mountain bike specific trail system.  After a long 3 weeks in the insanely hot Texas sun, we walked away satisfied with the completion of  another recreational facility that people will enjoy for generations to come.  Though small, the 2mile trail system boast a total of 15 wooden technical trail features to enhance the experience.  This will be the perfect trail system for riders of all levels, but will really be a great platform for the progression of beginner/intermediate riders.  We would like to give a special thanks to the unsung heroes of this recreational facility, Justin’s family, who donated the funds to develop this park as a memorial to their son and fellow mountain biker.  All of us on the PTD team have spent our lives enjoying the outdoors and traveling  as much as possible in an effort to milk life for everything it is worth, so we took a great since of pride and responsibility in this project upon discovering that Justin lived life by the same principles.  We hope we were able to meet the expectations in an effort to commemorate a fellow mountain biker and world traveler…thanks to Justin’s Family and the City of Sugar Land for this opportunity.  ~The PTD Team.















~ by progressivetraildesign on July 6, 2009.

16 Responses to “Justin P. Brindley Mountain Bike Trail, Sugar Land, TX”

  1. I test rode the new trail a few days ago and it is awesome! It’s a dream come true having such a great course within a bike ride of my house. One section, near the brazos, was still very muddy even after a week since the last rain, but given the shade I expected the course to be slow to dry. Anyways, thanks so much for the hard work and excellent design.

  2. This is great indeed. I would love to ride it. How do i get to Justin P. Brindley mountain bike trail? from west airport @ highway 6. Thank you.

    • Its a short trail, but fun for the area for sure. The stunts make it unique!
      Go west of Houston on 59 and take University exit go left (south) for approx 2mi and turn right into Sugar Land Memorial Park. Stay left and follow road back to trailhead parking. Enjoy!

  3. I have to hand it to you guys, thats some top notch work. Rode beautifully, as I am from the northeast here in sugarland for work, this was a surprise to see after riding the other local trails. Same caliber stuff as you would find at diablo, or other dh parks in the NE. Thanks and wonderful trail guys!

  4. Just rode it yesterday! Love it! Love the berm turn and it was just some quiet and nice! Man vs Nature kinda feeling. the river view was awesome! My friend from New York will be so envious! Will hit it again! Thanks for the hard work and thanks for bringing it to Sugar Land!

  5. I rode the trail today and it was the best track I’ve ridden since I have moved here. A lot of options for all sorts of riders in such a small track. Great job. If you need help maintaining it, let me know.

  6. I’m @ Covington woods sub division. it’s a 7.4 mile ride using the route I use to get to SLMP.
    That little trail was a blast… I’m stuck in perma-grin right now. Can’t wait to go back and try all the ‘Technical Trail Features, Advanced Skills Required’ Need a helmet first. Thanks so So SO much for the effort Mr. Builders!!!!! Next weekend here I come.
    … This rider spends 150 miles + or – on his bike every week.

    • ugh… miss entered the email

      • James,
        Thanks so much. We are glad you enjoyed it. Im sure its a nice change of pace from other riding in the area.
        Let me know if you dial all those stunts….
        Ride on,

      • LOL… I fubar’d on one of the stunts last weekend.. But… I’m still perma grin after numerous laps. 🙂 Glad noone saw 😉
        One quick question: How is that track’s condition goin to be after the weather we just had? Is it gonna be a muddy mess or perhaps ridable once the coming weekend gets here?
        /me is riding one kenda hybrid street/MB tire in the rear and one Bell all MB tire in the front.. Still looking for the best set of options for my needs.

  7. A heads up to anyone reading. I hit the trail yesterday. Been a while. This extremely dry weather has led to a substantial layer of fine ‘dusty’ dirt on the trail. Slid out several times. Still a blast but can’t go anywhere as fast.
    /me does a rain dance 😉

  8. Great track. This isn’t too technical of a track. This is a “how hard and how long can you pedal” track. Love it. Great work out. Did 8 laps this morning before work.

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