Slaughter Pen Phase 2 Complete!

An additional 4.5 miles of progressive singletrack mountain bike trail has been added to Slaughter Pen Bike Park.  Phase 2 was designed to be a little more challenging than the first phase.  We incorporated a lot more rock gardens, steep sections and grade reversals, which gives the trail a roller-coaster feel in places.  Below are just a few pics. Enjoy!




~ by progressivetraildesign on August 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Slaughter Pen Phase 2 Complete!”

  1. are there any maps of phase 2 yet?

  2. Unfortunatly there are no maps for Phase 2 yet, since it is not oficially open. However, it is open for riding if you can find your way. The trails are located north of the Waste Water Management Plant on both sides of the creek. It is broken into 2 sections; the East Side trails (1.3mi) & the West Side trails (3.7mi). To access the East Side; look to the east after you pass the plant heading north…where the walking path meets the pavement. To access the West Side; look to the west after you pass the plant heading north…where the walking path meets the pavement..there is a trail that runs along the creek and crosses it to the west. After crossing the creek, be sure to take the trail to the left, b/c the one to the right is not complete…we are working on a 130′ boardwalk this week to make the connection!
    Ride On!

  3. Oh. I noticed that all of thge trailheads have been put up. Is the 130′ boardwalk going to cross the creek off of the “A” Street that runs near the waste plant? If not, that’s another spot that needs a bridge.

  4. Yes, we are on it! It is just taking sometime since it is spanning a major creek.

  5. I was just wondering, when IS the official opening?

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