Fat Tire Downhill Course Reworked!

The PTD crew was in full force this weekend.  We spent the day focusing on the top of the course, re-routing the beginning of the trail.  We decided to snake it down through a sweet valley leading to a big step-down gap jump and one berm after another!  This trail will have so much flow when we are done with it!  Spread the word.  Next work day will be July 6 and July 12&13…we could use your help.  Put in 8 hrs and you get free entry!

Believe it or not, this guy can actually shred on a bike.   I know, I know….you are probaly thinking he looks more like a hair dresser or a fashion model…with the blue steel look and all… but seriosly keep an eye out for this guy at the big air comp!

 Flowy singletrack littered with berms, rollers and drops! Who’s in?

Step-down gap jump!  All we had to do was build a lip and it was perfect…sooo smooth! Of course there is an alternate line.

Guenia Pig Joe testing things out! 

Steel Blue “Jeff Sadler” throwin down a 3 out of the bowl and over a 4′ rail.  This was much more insane in person.


~ by progressivetraildesign on June 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fat Tire Downhill Course Reworked!”

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