The Pen “Phase 2” (West Side) is Underway!

We have now been working on the west side for approx. 2 weeks.  We are making some serious headway!  The West Side will be an additional 4 miles of trail!  Our plan for this side is to design the trail with a lot of flow as opposed to the East Side which has more technical challenge.  We also hope to incorporate a lot of natural features, such as,  downed trees, bedrock and bluff lines!

 Trail hugs bluff line looking over quarry to the right.

More Berms!  We are trying to incorporate as many berms, jumps and rollers as we can!

A work of art!  This is what happens when you put Freeriders and BMX’ers together to build trail!  It requires a lot of extra hand work but the payoff is huge!  This is what will set this trail apart from others! 

Big switchback/trail convergence!


~ by progressivetraildesign on June 19, 2008.

One Response to “The Pen “Phase 2” (West Side) is Underway!”

  1. Hey, are these the trails by the North Haven subdivision?

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