Slaughter Pen “Phase 2” East Side Trail Complete!

Progressive Trail Design has not been hampered by consistent rains the last four and a half weeks. We’ve completed 1.3 miles of trail in less than 23 days of trail work. Slaughter Pen Phase 2 is definitely a step up in trail difficulty from the first five miles of trail. You can expect a combination of slow, technical, and rocky trail and fast, tight, and twisty singletrack. There are several rock gardens that will test your nerve. But the best features are the bermed switchbacks in the valley on the south loop.
We’ve also completed a short connector trail that will take you over to the other part of the trail system. This trail weaves through the trees right along Town Branch creek. You’ll love the squeeze next to a massive walnut tree along the creek.
For those of you who didn’t know, the Shumakers donated 10 acres of prime mountain bike territory. This property includes a beautiful bluff line that will serve up some extremely challenging trail. Check out the local newspapers for more information on this donation to the City of Bentonville. Lets build some more trail!
We hope you enjoy our new trails as much as we do. Look for more riding photos early next week.

See you on the trail,
Don West

New handcut singletrack

Sweet singletrack is coming to life. Check out that squeeze with the boulder on the right.

Can you say pain and suffering.

Monster switchback on the south side of the trail system.

Woody knows how to handle the saw. Logs from two huge trees are incorporated into the switchback.

Hand built switchbacks include ample amounts of pain and suffering for both builders and riders.

Completed Switchback!

Big Flowy Berms!

Smooth little gap Jumps add some fun to the trail!

Technical Rock Gardens!


~ by progressivetraildesign on May 22, 2008.

One Response to “Slaughter Pen “Phase 2” East Side Trail Complete!”

  1. suweeet! Can’t wait to get up there and ride it!

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