Ross & Pat the Can”eh”dian filmer Stoked On NWA!

It was a long wet and sloppy weekend. But that didn’t stop us!  Fueled by Ross and Pat’s optimisim we continued to build, ride, and film.  They were here on a mission…to explore/film the riding scene in NWA…they left totally amped!  Below are just a few photos of the trip that were leaked.  Keep an eye out for their film “Livin Dirty” due out in the fall!  We had a great time riding and building with you guys, we’ll catch ya at the “Slaughter Pen Halloween Jam”! 


Secret Road Gap!


Ross Tables out of Quarter at Slaughter Pen!
Super Booter got rained out, but…finally dried out for a sweet session that went down today (pics coming soon). 
Did someone say 720?
270 Table out of Hip!
Woody doing his job…Joe doing his job…another day at the office!

~ by progressivetraildesign on April 2, 2008.

One Response to “Ross & Pat the Can”eh”dian filmer Stoked On NWA!”

  1. Where is this secret gap?? Ane by the way I love what you guys are doing, I just moved here from Colorado, and I never expected Akansas to have North Shore type bridges!

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