The Progressive Playground

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Download link: The Progressive Playground



Sugar Creek Gateway Trail Complete

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 The Future of Recess!  This is what we like to call a “Progressive Playground” 🙂  The 2000′ gateway trail flanks two grade schools, Sugar Creek and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Bentonville, AR.   The trail was designed for the new bike program that is now being integrated into the Bentonville Public School Curriculum.  How cool is that.  This is the second school project that we have completed in the past year.  The other at Lincoln Jr. High, a pumptrack style trail, is only a half mile away and will be connected to this one by way of Park Springs Park (a 2 mile trail we completed in 2010).  Some of the highlights of this new playground are around 300′ of skinny log rides & ladders, a timber bridge, a downhill flow section, a stone bridge, and multiple rollers and berms–this trail is like a linear pumptrack with alternate lines leading to elevated features.  Not to fear,  all the elevated features are cushioned on both sides with a thick layer of mulch, should someone fall.  So grab your kids and Go Ride!

Blowing Springs

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No doubt this is the culmination of all of our single track skills as a company. Rarely do I finish a job, go back and ride trail and never wonder why we did or didn’t do something….Wow…. are the reviews from everyone. The whole team gets kudos on this one. Can’t put this ride into pictures or words…. except for 6 miles not to miss in Arkansas.  This video despite the wierd face  view says it all about the exposure factor.


Progressive Design Studio

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Want a trail or bike park in your community?  Bring in the Pro’s to give you the tools to develop a plan to move forward.

Pick a package that fits your needs.  Click Link Here: Progressive Design Studio

Blue Ridge School. St. George, VA

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PTD has spent the last 4 weeks at the Blue Ridge School building a 2 mile multi-use trail that wraps around the perimeter of the school.  For this trail we got to use our brand new (new to us anyway) Sutter 480 trail dozer.  With a combination of the Sutter, Ditch witch 650, and Mini X, PTD has entered a new era in trail building.  We were able to knock out 2 miles of trail in less than 4 weeks while still keeping the flowy, smooth trail PTD is known for.  This trail is sure to get a lot of use by the Blue Ridge Mountain Bike Team and all the kids at the Blue Ridge School.  Thanks to Tony Brown and everyone at the Blue Ridge School.

Fall / Winter Review

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Sooooo. Last summer saw our crews split up and tackle projects on the home-front and abroad. Josh, John and Clayton led the charge in Utah (Trailside Bike Park) and Virginia (Fountain Head Regional Park), while Crone and Renko held down the fort and finished Crystal Bridges Museum, and started the last phase of Blowing Springs. Both crews took turns in Alabama at White Oak Mountain State Park and converged to put some new trail on the ground at Devil’s Den.

We all drew some short breaths while at home during the holidays with family. Josh and John finished off a new mile at Blowing Springs and Crone and Renko rearranged some rocks and sticks at Devil’s Den into some new steps and bridge. Believe it or not some of us managed to find time to volunteer and do some tweaking on our local trails. Lake Fayetteville, Lake Leatherwood and Mount Kessler all received a little PTD love.

Winter finds the fab 5 split again. Crone and I are putting in another pocket park trail near a grade school in Bentonville and JJ&C are back in Virginia at a private prep school compound slaying trail with our new SWECO TRAIL DOZER. Oh yeah and Woody is stuck in a perpetual vortex of being in the office, at a meeting on the phone, in the car or on a plane to a far off land for an all to short of a visit.

Thanks for keeping us busy.

Fall / Winter Pics

It was all shrooms and snakes in Bama. Lots of thanks to go around. To Barry our SWECO driver; 9/13/69. Unbelievable! Marc & BUMP you guys really came through when we needed you. Thanks for all the food and great hospitality. Props to all the staff at Oak Mountain State Park for making us feel at home.

Devil’s Den always keeps the home light burning. Thanks Tim, Monty and Troy and staff for being there on the drop of a dime. New trail is stellar. Thanks for the opportunity. Always get a kick out of reorganizing some of your stones and trying to make them look like they have been there forever. Hope the new bridge satisfies all.

Suite of Sweet Images of Fatty Fest

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This is a collection of  2011 Fatty Fest youtube videos and and a site of stills from our staff photographer

Josh Jones 

Good 2011 Fatty Fest Race Run Post mount View / Rider?
Cool Well produced video of 2011 Fatty Fest DH and Short Track
Good 2011 Fatty Fest Pre-Race Run / Chasing Stever Friedman
Good 2011 Fatty Fest  Race Run / Zac Barron 2nd Run
Good 2011 Fatty Fest Pre-Race Run Headcam View  / Rider on Trek Remedy
2010 Fatty Fest Best Trick Contest / Ross and Joe going at it